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hyderabad air cargo Export data contians details price, quantity, unit, unit value, port of loading, port of discharge etc.hyderabad air cargo export data services will help the business users to get better idea about the export of hyderabad air cargo in your product and you could be able to develop the strategies in export on hyderabad air cargo by knowing the current export structure. hyderabad air cargo is one of the most leading port for exporting of many quality goods to many countries. The main reason for this is the growth of the business in the India. Indian product are exporting to many countries from hyderabad air cargo . Limra exim solution’s provides export data of hyderabad air cargo to assist you in creating new a strategy for your export business.

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26-Nov-2016 88033000 AIRCRAFT SPARE PARTS - DOOR - P/NO:382833-1(MISMATCHED GOODS RETURN BACK TO SUPPLIER) 1 nos 401,991.42 401991.42 hyderabad air cargo miami fl miami fl Read More Read More 88033000 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 04071100 BROILER HATCHING EGGS 61200 nos 29.24 1789714.8 hyderabad air cargo muscat muscat Read More Read More 04071100 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 84631090 HOOK TYPE CONVEYOR CHAIN-PITCH -127MM 50 mtr 9,528.20 476410 hyderabad air cargo south africa cape town Read More Read More 84631090 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 29242990 CUSTOMS SYNTHESIZED CHEMICAL COMPOUNDSA-021 1,3-DIHYDRO-2H-BENZO(D) IMIDAZOL-2ONE (1LOT=14.3MG) 1 lot 67.10 67.1 hyderabad air cargo united kingdom new york Read More Read More 29242990 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 67030010 HAIR EXTENSIONS - SIZE:16" TO 26"(AS PERINV&PKG) 123 kgs 43,881.25 5397393.83 hyderabad air cargo united arab emirates dubai Read More Read More 67030010 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 29349900 EMTRICITABINE 5 kgs 24,746.91 123734.55 hyderabad air cargo colombia bogota Read More Read More 29349900 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 30049099 SUMATRIPTAN 50MG FILM-COATED TABLETS 5000 S (APPENDIX 3B MEIS SL NO:1350)(DATALOG NO:2707612099 & 2707612072) 1140000 nos 3.49 3980042.36 hyderabad air cargo london heathrow london heathrow Read More Read More 30049099 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 29339900 phenylpyridazin-3(2H)-one analog 20.5 gms 6,607.69 135457.6 hyderabad air cargo frankfurt main int l frankfurt main int l Read More Read More 29339900 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 85352129 (SIS BATCH 4 EQUIPMENT PARTS) RZ-000076357;0,INSULAT,1F1S0021G002,UYKA5657 ( ASPER INV) 2 nos 22,881.10 45762.2 hyderabad air cargo japan tokyo Read More Read More 85352129 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 71131930 22KTS STD GOLD JWLRY WITH UNCUT DIAMOND,RUBY,EMERALD(GW:1767.193-NW:1589.875GMS)$358.5725/10GMS)V-A@9.71945%-$11129.59 1 lot 8,430,311.14 8430311.14 hyderabad air cargo united arab emirates dubai Read More Read More 71131930 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 29329900 NEBIVOLOL HCL IH (GROUP:B,SRL NO:1106 4 kgs 277,706.00 1110824 hyderabad air cargo ho chi minh c ho chi minh c Read More Read More 29329900 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 85423900 ASSEMBLY FLEX CIRCUITS[ELECTRO MEDICAL APPARATUS]21-00980 PROBE ASSEMBLY MINI SENSOR ROHS GR104825A 1408 nos 550.22 774709.76 hyderabad air cargo ireland galway Read More Read More 85423900 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 30049099 ACYCLOVIR SODIUM INJECTION 500MG/10 ML 3744 X 10 S (APPENDIX-3B, GROUP-A, SL.NO.30)(MEIS SL NO.1350) 3744 pac 1,274.97 4773503.3 hyderabad air cargo philadelphia metrop philadelphia metrop Read More Read More 30049099 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 29420090 2-IODOSOBENZOIC ACID, 97% PSS 10 GRM 10 gms 155.04 1550.4 hyderabad air cargo united states lancaster Read More Read More 29420090 Quick enquiry
26-Nov-2016 29350090 CELECOXIB 30 kgs 9,171.52 275145.66 hyderabad air cargo seoul incheon int seoul incheon int Read More Read More 29350090 Quick enquiry
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