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19 Hs Code Chapters records.
Chapter - 18 Cocoa and Cocoa Preparations View Import Data of 18 View Export Data of 18 Duty
18 Cocoa and Cocoa Preparations View Import Data of 18 View Export Data of 18 Duty
1803 COCOA PASTE, WHETHER OR NOT DEFATTED View Import Data of 1803 View Export Data of 1803 Duty
1806 CHOCOLATE AND OTHER FOOD PREPARATIONS CONTAINING COCOA View Import Data of 1806 View Export Data of 1806 Duty
180690 Other: View Import Data of 180690 View Export Data of 180690 Duty
18010000 COCOA BEANS, WHOLE OR BROKEN, RAW OR ROASTED View Import Data of 18010000 View Export Data of 18010000 Duty
18020000 COCOA SHELLS, HUSKS, SKINS AND OTHER COCOA WASTE View Import Data of 18020000 View Export Data of 18020000 Duty
18031000 Not defatted View Import Data of 18031000 View Export Data of 18031000 Duty
18032000 Wholly or partly defatted View Import Data of 18032000 View Export Data of 18032000 Duty
18040000 COCOA BUTTER, FAT AND OIL View Import Data of 18040000 View Export Data of 18040000 Duty
18050000 COCOA POWDER, NOT CONTAINING ADDED SUGAR OR OTHER SWEETENING MATTER View Import Data of 18050000 View Export Data of 18050000 Duty
18061000 Cocoa powder, containing added sugar or other sweetening matter View Import Data of 18061000 View Export Data of 18061000 Duty
18062000 Other preparations in blocks, slabs or bars weighing more than 2 kg. or in liquid, paste, powder, granular or other bulk form in containers or immediate packings, of a content exceeding 2 kg. View Import Data of 18062000 View Export Data of 18062000 Duty
18063100 Filled View Import Data of 18063100 View Export Data of 18063100 Duty
18063200 Not filled View Import Data of 18063200 View Export Data of 18063200 Duty
18069010 Chocolate and chocolate products View Import Data of 18069010 View Export Data of 18069010 Duty
18069020 Sugar confectionary containing cocoa View Import Data of 18069020 View Export Data of 18069020 Duty
18069030 Spreads containing cocoa View Import Data of 18069030 View Export Data of 18069030 Duty
18069040 Preparations containing cocoa for making beverages View Import Data of 18069040 View Export Data of 18069040 Duty
18069090 Other View Import Data of 18069090 View Export Data of 18069090 Duty